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Sexual safety education programme for teens and adults

Right choices

Our sexual & reproductive health mobile programme helps Belizeans make smart choices. All you have to do is text the word SAFETXT to us, and you will receive weekly messages regarding Sexually Transmitted Infections, Condoms, & HIV. Make right choices at the right time!

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Get your answers

We know there’s no better way to reach today’s world, than through mobile phones. We offer 24 hour Sex Rights & Health information service. Our feature – chat support service helps customers ask specific questions and receive a response instantly from a health educator.

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Mobile Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Our sex education programme seeks to address unhealthy and risky sexual practices and behaviours that can lead to long-term negative health outcomes for adolescents and young adults. We particularly focus on marginalized/vulnerable communities/ groups.

M-Tech has been operation CHITCHAT helpline service since April 2013. Our team has a database of over 1, 500 users (belonging to 15-45 years of age) who constantly access our services using their cell phones.

Our SAFETXT programme, launched on 18 April 2015 seeks to target sexual behaviours and practices amongst youth.

We educate people to use condoms for the prevention of HIV/STI’s and contraception for the prevention of unplanned/unwanted pregnancies.

Information on sex

For making the right choices at the right time

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Contact Details

2621 Mercy Lane, Belize City

Tel : (501) 203-1018

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